Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Michelle R. Suskauer recently had the privilege of spending time in Sarasota’s legal community where she learned about the Booker High School Law Academy.  Students in this enriching high school program are studying caselaw and precedent, preparing opening arguments, and participating in mock trials.  More evidence about this can be found by clicking here.  Each student is paired with a mentor, a judge, or a retired or practicing attorney from the Sarasota County Bar Association.  To have that mentoring relationship so early in life, when they would not otherwise have it, is very special.  The Booker Law Academy generates interest in the law in these young adults, lets them develop literary and public speaking skills, and otherwise helps prepare them for the future.  Their family law attorney mentors are invaluable in this process and their support will have a lasting, positive impact.  Whether these students go on to work in the civil or criminal justice system in some facet, as lawyers, police officers, paralegals, probation officers, or clerks or decide on another career path, they are now informed citizens and have developed excellent life skills.